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Sonia Murdock, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Postpartum Resource Center of New York, Inc. was selected as one of the Top 100 Heros in the Volvo for Life Awards for her advocacy work in Postpartum Depression Outreach. read more



Further service expansion to ensure fulfilling our mission of serving New York State women and their families at risk for or experiencing prenatal or postpartum depression by:

  • increasing education, screening and treatment
  • Providing support programs and services
  • Training healthcare providers and consumers
  • Building community partnerships

March 11, 2004 - United Nation's NGO Health Committee sponsored by Armenia International Women's Association, International Federation of Midwives and National Council of Women of the United States

When the "Baby Blues" Strikes - A lesson in how a need can be filled at the grassroots level presented by Sonia Murdock, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Postpartum Resource Center of New York


Bullet. 2003 Hosts Postpartum Support International's 17th Annual Conference in association with Columbia University's College of Physician and Surgeons in New York City
Bullet. Supporter of New York University's School of Medicine's Annual Symposium on Women's Reproductive Mental Health
Bullet. Collaboration of National Association of Mothers' Centers and PRC of NY for Peer Support Training and PPD Education program to mothers (Funded in part with a grant from the Long Island Fund for Women and Girls).

Expansion of PRC of NY's Circle of Caring Community Outreach program of providing “a hand up” for impoverished postpartum depressed moms and families. (Thanks to a donation from the Westminster United Presbyterian Church of West Islip, New York's Youth Group).


Bullet. PRC of NY and Herstory Writers Workshop for PPD Moms to experience healing through memoir writing.  Stories will be published into a book.  (Funded in part with a grant from the Long Island Fund for Women and Girls)

American Public Health Academy Leadership Institute - PRC of NY is working with NY Team partners from Association of Perinatal Networks including the Bronx Health Link and the Mental Health Association in New York State to research ethnic and racial barriers in the treatment of PPD for NYS women.


Bullet. PRC of NY receives Postpartum Support International's Jane Honikman Award; their highest honor in recognition as a model postpartum parent support network
Bullet. Presents on social support and PRC of NY model at first PPD conference in South Africa.
Bullet. Established Perinatal Mood Disorders Training Program based on Postpartum Support International's curriculum.  Have trained groups such as New York State Perinatal Association, PPD Moms Peer Support Network Washington, DC, Mental Health Association, hospital staff and community organizations.  (Over 60 presentations to date.)

Long Island Midwives host Miles for Mom walkathon to benefit PRC of NY. Believed to be first walkathon in country for PPD awareness and support.


Bullet. Moved to West Islip, New York office donated by members of Westminster United Presbyterian Church.
Bullet. Created Circle of Caring Support Group Program for PPD Moms to provide emotional support, education and empowerment with coping tools. Family night included to provide support and education to fathers andfamily members. Free child care and an emergency transportation fund.  (Training manual in development. Past funding from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Council of Women of the Long Island Presbytery.)

Launch of with donated services by web designer Mackenzie New Media and hosting by


Bullet. Established Volunteer Peer Support Network.  Volunteers trained to provide telephone support, participate in public speaking and healthfair events and provide media interviews.

1999 Co-Sponsored Long Island's first PPD conference with Family Success Collaborative Partners (Now known as the Maternal Depression Outreach Project), Mark's Family Right from the Start 0-3+ Center, National Association of Mothers' Centers, Parent-Child Home Program, United Way of Long Island.  225 attendees.


Bullet. Postpartum Resource Center of New York, Inc. is created  as the nonprofit organization providing emotional support, education and support group and healthcare referrals to New York State women and families for depression and anxiety related to childbearing. 
Bullet. The first organization in New York State to represent perinatal mood disorders support and education.
Bullet. Help line is established with 100 calls in 6 months in 1998.  (Now 400 inquiries a month.  Now thousands helped each year!)

Postpartum Resource Center of New York, Inc. becomes the New York State Coordinator for Postpartum Support International








In New York State please email us or call
Helpline (631) 422-2255
Toll free (855) 631-0001
Hablamos Español

For help outside of New York State and the United States,
please contact the Postpartum Support International.

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